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Welcome to Atlas online coaching!

Thank you for showing an interest and taking the time to look at the service that I not only offer, but feel truly passionate about.
When I was 23, I made the decision to begin the journey of changing my career into what I am today – personal trainer, gym owner and online coach. Fitness is what I have always been destined to do, and to help people as much as I do is overwhelmingly rewarding. 
After years of trying different styles of training, I finally found my true vocation of strength-based hybrid training. This is a mixture of different training styles and energy systems, with the main goal of building strength. However, whilst improving on our strength goals; I ensure you are mobile, fit and healthy – the complete athlete!
If you want to join the team of 100’s of people I have helped over the years, please don’t hesitate!

Our packages
Signing up to the Atlas Online Coaching Package today will give you a completely bespoke training programme, to your specification. All of our coaching plans are controlled through our own app, which offers:

  • A fitness plan designed around you, your goals and your training environment.
  • Videos and information on the how to perform the exercises provided.
  • Integrated chat function to ask questions as-and-when required.
  • Progress tracking and feedback.
  • Live updates and ongoing support.
  • The ability to relay information and notes on the sets/exercises you are performing.

All of the above allows for us to develop a truly bespoke and progressive fitness experience, to suit your individual needs.
If you require more information, or you are an Atlas Gym Member, please contact me – I’m always happy to help.

Our Online Coaching Packages

Our Online Coaching Packages

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89 Southampton Road
Park Gate
Southampton, SO31 6AF

01489 578833

Opening Times

We are open 24/7 with trainers available at the following times:

Monday – Friday
9am – 8pm

Saturday – Sunday
9am – 2pm


Monthly: £29.99
Annual: £299.00
Joint Monthly: £50.00
Off-Peak Monthly: £19.99
Off-Peak Annual: £199.00
Pay per session: £7.00

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