With temperatures hitting record breaking highs last week, it’s a good time to keep in mind some tips for working out in the summer months. Here are our top five:

Stay hydrated!

This one might seem obvious – and it goes for any workout, even when it’s not so hot outside – but it can be easy not to get enough fluids in when you’re really in the zone. It’s vital to keep your body topped up with water so it can sweat and you can cool down. For especially intense workouts, sports drinks can also be helpful to replace key nutrients your body loses through sweating.

Dress for the Weather

Lightweight and loose clothing is your best bet for the heat, as it helps sweat evaporate so you can cool down quicker. Lighter colours are also key as they don’t absorb as much heat.

Stay in the Shade

We love our outdoor workout area here at Atlas, and we know you do too. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice working out there during the summer months, because we get enough shade for you to be able to stay out of that scorching sun.

Pick your moments

Working out either early is usually the best option, as the humidity is at it’s lowest and it’s the coolest time of day. But failing that, a later workout as the sun starts to go down is also a good alternative. Luckily, Atlas is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we’ll be here whenever you want to get a cooler workout in.

Protect your Skin

If you’re going to be working out outside, it’s really important to wear SPF (even if it’s not blistering sunshine). Sun burn is extremely damaging to your skin, and also means your body will retain heat and can’t cool down as quickly – not ideal when you’re working out.

That’s all our tips for today – stay safe and hydrated, and make sure you don’t overdo it!

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