For a beginner, the gym can feel like an intimidating place. When you first start working out, you often feel like everyone but you knows what they’re doing. A lot of this is down to some common misconceptions surrounding the gym and working out in general. Which is why today we’re going to bust some of those fitness myths, so you can feel more comfortable and knowledgable when working out!

Myth Number 1: Everyone Is Judging You

When working out, a lot of people feel as though the whole gym is watching them for any wrong moves, or judging them for using a lighter weight. But that’s not the case! Most people are just focusing on themselves, and no-one is going to yell at you if your form is off or you’re using a machine wrong. At Atlas we pride ourselves on our friendly and supportive atmosphere, which means that if you need a helping hand, our trainers and members are only too happy to help out. Remember, even the strongest person at the gym was once a beginner, so there’s no shame in wherever you may be in your fitness journey.

Myth Number 2: Lifting Weights Will Make You Bulky

This misconception is most often held by women, who sometimes stick to cardio because they think using weights will make them look too muscly. However, weights can actually help to make your body look more toned and slim. It’s very difficult to accidentally gain a huge amount of muscle because of how much work it takes to do so! It’s also much more helpful to think of the gym as part of a healthy lifestyle that will keep you fit and strong rather than focusing on the way it will make you look. This will help you to stay motivated longer and have a better relationship with fitness and working out.

Myth Number 3: Targeted Fat Loss

Many people think that by choosing exercises that target a certain area of the body, they will be able to reduce fat in that area. However, it’s actually not possible to lose fat from any one part of the body specifically – cardio will cause you to lose fat all over, whilst targeted exercises can help to define and build muscles in certain areas. For example, sit-ups or planks will build the abdominal muscles, but this may only show once a lower body fat percentage has been reached all over the body through cardio.

Myth Number 4: Morning Workouts Are The Most Effective

The truth is that whatever works for your routine is the best time to workout! If that means an early morning session then great. On the other hand, if pushing yourself to get up early to fit it in doesn’t suit you, there’s no point forcing it – it’ll just make it that much harder to stick to! Consistency is far more important than the time of day you choose to workout. Atlas Gym has 24 hour access so our members can workout at the times that best suit them!

That’s all for today! Remember, no matter what level of fitness you are – whether this is all brand new information or stuff you knew already – you are always welcome at Atlas!

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